Here is a story : Orange Wing Aviation Pompano Beach

I would like to mention about my trouble with the Flight School, having more than 35 International Students, either Part 61 or Part 141, Indian Partnership,
My issue is related to unpaid check,
Flight School sent to our accommodation place “two new Indian student” because of increasing demand to flight school and deficiency at the current rental houses..
I accepted the students.

Students have been accommodated more than 2 months (2M 18D), and left the house without any notification to me. I requested the money from Orange Wing Aviation and A check was given me, inclıuding 2-month accommodation fee.

Here is the check given to me : As I don t cash the check from the bank. I had to request the money from the student pilots who have accommodated at house.
They told me “we are paying the money to the flight school, including both flight and accommodation. So, Flight school has to pay the amount directly”
They were absolutely right.”

My aim is to give information to the promising student pilot candidate to make them aware due to the problem I have experienced.
Because I didn’t cash my check in the bank, I applied for legal procedures.
I ll let you known the stages one by one.

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